Industry Applications

The filter industry grows each year with new filter designs and ever changing variations on existing filters.   GMD has pioneered many machines for filter production and continues to work with customers worldwide for specialized filter production.   Standard applications are listed in our machine web pages with customization available on all models.

HVAC and Pre-Filters

HVAC is commonly known for disposable pads, framed pads and pleated filters.  These are used in residential applications in furnaces and central air conditioning.   Pre-filters are similar but used as first step filtration to high efficiency filters in clean rooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, health care facilities, bio hazard applications and food processing plants.   These pre-filters are less expensive than the high efficiency filters and are changed often to prolong the life of the high efficiency filters.   GMD designs and builds many types of machines for producing these types of filters such as Laminators, Pusher Bar Pleaters, Rotary Gear Pleaters, Pleat Cutters, Drying Chambers, Frame Making Machines and Re-Heat Systems for re-activating glue on disposable framed filters.

Filter Pads

Polyester and fiberglass filter medias have been used for years in air filtration.   Bulk rolls need to be converted to filter pads by slitting to width and then cutting to length.  GMD offers Flying Pad Cutters with optional accessories for in-line slitting.  Automotive paint booths need special size filter pads and our Blanket Cutter makes re-rolled paint booth pads.

Heat Set HVAC Pleated Filters

These filter medias are self-supporting.  They do not have the usual expanded metal laminated to the media to support and maintain the pleated shape.  Our Pusher Bar Pleater and Rotary Gear Pleater process these medias very well and, when combined with our Heated Gathering Rack, will capture and warm pleats and then cool them to retain the folded memory.

Micro Fiberglass Mini-Pleat

The filter industry has used micro-fiberglass media(HEPA, ULPA and ASHRAE grades) pleated and spaced with hot melt glue beads for high efficiency air filtration in clean rooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, in-room air purification, vacuum sweeper exhaust, bio hazard benches, food processing, hospital and health care facilities, commercial buildings, and respirator masks.  High volume/high efficiency filtration is accomplished by large pleats with aluminum spacers and our Aluminum Separator Pleater and Media Folding Machines fit that application.

Synthetic Media Mini-Pleating

There are many types of “synthetic” filter medias emerging where additional filter strength is required.   It is difficult to match the efficiency of micro fiberglass but media  manufacturers are striving to accomplish this with polypropylene, Teflon, melt blown and other synthetics.  Some of these medias can be processed on existing mini-pleat style machines yet others may require a pleater with features specifically designed to score, heat and gather the stiffer synthetic materials.   GMD will evaluate all filter medias and develop a pleater for your application.

Industrial Air Filtration

Dust collector elements, heavy-duty air intake on truck and off road equipment, and gas turbine generating are some areas that require high volume pleat production.  GMD’s rotary pleaters with optional pre/post heat can meet those needs.   Some applications require spiral hot melt beads to be applied to the filter element and GMD builds these machines for OD and ID spiral gluing.

Automotive Filters

Oil, fuel and air filters are processed on high speed rotary type pleaters.  Normally cellulose and cellulose-blended medias are used for these applications. Contact GMD with your production requirements for a customized machine.

Water Filters

GMD builds pleaters for drinking water, pool and spa filters.  These filters are made of spun bond polyester for pleated elements and also some cellulose materials.   For the pool and spa type filters GMD builds banding machines that glue and wrap a band around the OD of the filter for added strength and pleat spacing

.Dispensing, End Capping

Many cartridge filter elements have molded ends.  GMD works with plastisol and urethane dispensing into mold or end-caps to pot the pleated elements.  If the filter ends are made in molds, the final process would require de-molding and GMD can work with your application to design a way to remove the mold.  Potting materials that are heat cured can be processed on rotary carousels or conveyor lines.